Angel investing — hunting for a unicorn — was previously available to only the wealthiest 3% of the US population. 
With Republic, everyone can invest in private startups 
for a chance to earn a return.

Become an investor

Unicorns are startups that reach the valuation of over $1B. If you find and invest in one at an early stage, you could earn a significant return on investment. While no one can predict which companies will become unicorns, Republic give you access to companies who have the potential to become one.


Startup investing is risky, most startups fail, resulting in the loss of all invested capital.

Learn about risks 

Get in early.

Startups are changing the world around us. Now you can get involved too.

Own a financial stake

Own a financial stake

Invest early. If the startup is 
successful, you can earn a profit.


Join an exciting journey

Join an exciting journey

As an investor, you can choose to get involved and help the startup grow.


Fund the innovation

Fund the innovation

Fund the companies you believe in and want to see succeed in the future.

It’s easy and free

We charge no fees to investors ( only companies ) and you can invest with your credit card.

Learn how crowd investing works 


Anyone can invest

As long as you are over 18 years old, you can invest no matter who you are or where you’re from.


$50 or $50,000

Investments range from as low as $25 up to $107,000*: start at whichever level you are comfortable with.

*– the law limits your maximum investment based on your income and net worth